The Truth about Nappy Rash and Nappies

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Nappy rash is a very common complaint for babies. Although we know it occurs (and sometimes without reason) it is important for us to know the main reasons for nappy rash and way to try and prevent/ or aid their discomfort. Wearing nappies all day and night for babies mean there bottoms get no air which is why nappy rash is very prominent.

Teething – you may notice that your baby gets a sore bottom when they are teething/ or cutting teeth. This can be for a couple of reasons. The first being that during teething your baby produces more saliva which when swallowed can produce looser stools. You may also find their stools to be more acidic during teething and may differ in colour and have a slightly acidic smell which some compare to vinegar. Another reason may be due to the fact that during teething your baby has their hands in their mouth constantly. They may pick up more bacteria than usual from touching something then putting their hand in their mouth which can have an affect on their tummy.

Upset Stomach and Diarrhea – Often related to something your baby has eaten, or a virus or some bacteria they have picked up, an upset stomach will often cause your baby to have a sore bottom. This is due to acidity of the stool but also the frequency in which your little one may be going..

Colds – when you baby suffers from a cold they may also get a sore bottom. It may also be a tell tale sign when they start to get a bit pink of their behind that a cold is on its way. If you baby has a cough the phlegm can also linger in their stomachs which can give your baby looser stools which can lead to nappy rash.

Sleeping through – You may find that once your baby starts sleeping through the night that this irritates their skin, as they are being changed less regularly than they were when they were waking/ or feeding during the night.

Medicines – some medicines can disturb your baby’s bacteria (good and bad) and unbalance them causing them to have a runny tummy or diarrhea. Antibiotics can cause this quite commonly and you may be advised by your doctor to offer your baby a pro biotic during their course of medication.


Nappy rash can be very painful and you may find your baby showing discomfort when you change their nappy. If you are using wipes these can be cold and rough on your baby’s behind so whilst their bottom is red and sore take extra care and use cotton wool pads and warm water.

As with any wound, a sore bottom needs fresh air. This is not always easy but make sure that you give your baby some “nappy off” time. This becomes more difficult when they become more active but try to make it part of their bath time routine each evening, as this helps to soothe a sore bottom so try and make sure that your baby is not in nappies at all times.

Regularly using nappy cream on your baby is a great way to provide a barrier between their nappy and their skin. But once your baby actually develops nappy rash and particularly if they are suffering quite badly you may require something a bit stronger.

We swear by Metanium nappy rash ointment. It is licensed specifically to treat and heal nappy rash, whereas barrier creams are used as a preventative measure once it has been treated. Its unique, gentle formula contains titanium salts to help form a non-occlusive barrier film on the skin, allowing the skin to ‘breathe’ whilst protecting it from further irritation. It is a bright yellow colour ( and be careful as it can stain clothing) but it is fantastic

We know nappy rash is difficult to deal with and we have added a Nappy Rash Cream into one of our gift boxes for parents.



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