Baby signing (Baby Sign Language)

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The definition of baby signing is

“Baby sign language is the use of manual signing in order to communicate with infants and toddlers. A better term would be “baby signing” since they are not using a full sign language, but a limited number of “stand alone” manual signs (most often taken from a sign language like ASL).”

There are a number of baby signing books, videos and kits that can aid you and your baby to learn the art of baby signing.

Sassy Bloom are big supporters of baby signing and below you can see the benefits that Baby Signing can have;

Communication – it is a fantastic way for you and your baby to begin communicating with each other

Translation – you will find that your baby can cry for a number of reasons but generally you have to try everything to work out what it is that it wrong (e.g feeding them, burping them, checking their nappy, making sure they aren’t hot or cold) but learning baby signing can help ease these problems so that you know what is wrong with your baby because they are able to tell you. It allows understanding between baby and parent.

Relieves frustration – as your baby begins to use their vocabulary but before you can understand what it is they are saying your baby could be frustrated that they are not able to tell you what they want so baby signing is a great way for them to be able to tell you the simple requests and commands that they want/ need.
Confidence – Baby signing can help your baby feel confident in expressing their needs/ and wants so can help to build up a positive attitude for them which can help as they get older and build their self esteem when they begin social situations e.g nursery or play dates.

Speech Development – the early use of baby signing can actually stimulate the use of your baby’s actual speech and is it said that could help your baby speak earlier.

We at Sassy Bloom believe greatly in the benefits of Baby Sign Language

We have included a Baby Signing Book into one of our Sassy Bloom Boxes and you can also purchase a sign language DVD in our shop section as well

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