Babyproofing your home

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As a parent it is our main aim to keep our children safe.

Until you have a child you can hardly comprehend the amount of hazards that you have in your home.

Sassy Bloom are giving you a run down of ways to keep your home safe for your baby.

Door Stoppers – stop your little one from getting their hand caught in the door.  These can be foam and wrap over the edge of the door to create a barrier – or they can fit snugly under a door so that you child is unable to close the door at all.

Stair Gates – Once your baby learns to climb the stairs there will be no stopping them.  Falls down the stairs can be nasty especially if you don’t have carpet at the bottom – so it is always best to keep a stair gate closed at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Cupboard locks – Kitchen products can be very hazardous to children, as can other objects in your kitchen cupboards like large china dishes or glass.  There are lots of different types of cupboard locks that you can get.  Some even have a magnet that you have to place onto the door to open it.

Oven Guards – Save your child from getting burnt with an oven guard.  When you say “no” and pull them away from the oven they can think its a game and they will run back to it again and again so ensure that you constantly remind your child of the dangers of these hazards.

Stove Guard – As your child gets taller they will be inquisitive. Stop them from being able to put their hand on a hot hob, or reach the end of a saucepan on the boil with a hob/stove guard.

Socket covers – If you leave your plug on this could be a real hazard for your baby.  They are investigating and may try and put their finger into the socket. These fit in easily to UK sockets to stop any accidents.

TV strap – TVs can be very heavy.  So if your TV is on a stand rather than on a wall a TV strap can stop your little one pulling the TV off the unit  as you most certainly do not want your child underneath the TV if it were to fall off the shelf – that could lead to a severe injury.

Toilet straps – Most people place chemicals into their toilet.  Toddlers will place their hands in your toilet given the chance so place a lock so that they are not able to lift the toilet lid themselves.


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