Carseat Regulations 2013

Mother with baby in car seat Advice & Tips

UK car safety has always been a very popular subject.

New car regulations are now in place in the UK. i-Size is a new regulation for car seats which came into effect in July 2013. It runs alongside other regulations that are already in place.

The biggest change to parents is that baby’s must now be in rear facing car seats until 15 months, whereas it was 9 months, and the change to forward facing car seats will be based on the age of the child rather than their weight.

Rear facing car seats are the safest way for your baby to travel to prevent head and neck injuries if you were to have a frontal collision.

i-size seats use only Isofix points which makes the seats safer as Isofix reduces the risk of badly or incorrect fittings of car seats. Only a third of belted seats are fitted correctly which can have major implications if you were to be involved in a collision.

According to research , side collisions are one of the most severe types of road collisions and for car seats to adhere to the new i-size requirements they must pass a newly introduced side impact safety standard.

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