Headache after Epidural

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Have you noticed that you suffer with painful and regular headaches after you gave birth?  We have a number of mums write to Sassy Bloom complaining of these headaches so we thought that we would investigate more.

If this is something that you are suffering with and you were given an epidural at any time in your labour then it could be possible that you are suffering from something called “Post Dural Puncture Headache”

If your headaches are less severe and more sporadic then it could due to a number of reasons; change in your hormones, back strain from lifting or as a result from a back strain from your pregnancy that is pushing on a nerve, or perhaps you are dehydrated and not drinking enough. It is very common to deprive ourselves a little bit when we have a new life that is our focus and takes all of our tension.

If the headaches are more severe and migraine like/ and could possibly be alongside an odd back pain then you could be suffering from post dural puncture headache. Another sympton is that you feel much better when you are laid down and the headache is worse when you are stood up.

Post dural puncture headaches are caused as a result from a loss of cerebrodpinal fluid into the epidural space which is the area where the epidural is administered into the patient. It is more common in younger patients which is why we see an increasing number of new mothers suffering.

Mostly these headaches just disappear on their own with no treatment.  If you are concerned always see your doctor but we have heard reports from our mums of people suffering with these headaches upwards of 9 months post partum.

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