New UK Breastfeeding Incentive Vouchers

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A trial is being tested in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire and if proved successful may be something that is made National to all UK mothers.

Mothers are bring offered the incentive of up to £200 in vouchers to breastfeed their baby.

We, here at Sassy Bloom, are interested to hear what you think about this incentive.

The UK has the lowest statistics of breastfed babies, with only 1% of baby’s being exclusively breastfed for 6 months as recommended by the World Health Organisation. Compared to the rest of Europe the UK statistics show that only a third of mothers breastfeed. 34% give their baby a mixture of breast and formula milk.

The new scheme is set to offer mothers £40 in vouchers if they breastfeed for two days, then a further £40 if they breastfeed for 10 days and then another £40 if they carry on breastfeeding for six weeks. A further £40 will be offered after 3 months of breastfeeding and then again at 6 months. Women who breastfeed for the full 6 months will have received £200 in total.
It is thought that the vouchers will be for Poundland, Asda, Tesco and John Lewis as a reward for not relying on formula milk.

There are reservations that this is a short lived scheme that will not help mothers who are not well enough or not able to breastfeed their baby. The scheme is in its very early stages but if successful there could be a national study next year and from then it could be available all over the UK.

All mothers will need to do is fill out the form and get it signed off by their midwife in order to receive their vouchers.


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