Looking for the perfect Christening Gift

Sassy Bloom box Sassy Bloom

Are you struggling to find the perfect Christening gift

Perhaps you are looking for the perfect unique gift for your godson or god daughter.

A christening is a special time for everyone to get together and celebrate the birth of the new newborn baby girl or baby boy.

Sassy Bloom is a unique personalised gift for newborn babies. It contains age appropriate gifts in a beautiful gift box as well as personalised gifts for the baby boy or baby girl.  Give Sassy to the new baby as a token of your love and affection.

It is a unique gift that keeps on giving. A special keepsake and a special gift for a newborn.

Perhaps a gift from a godparent to their new godson or goddaughter. It is a special gift for a Christening.

Contains personalised items such as a beautiful fleece blanket adorning the baby’s name and date of birth.

To find out more about this special gift and to purchase this personalised keepsake – visit our website.

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