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This is something that we have discussed at length here at Sassy Bloom

With all of the hand me downs/ as well as the new baby presents plus Birthdays and Christmas – the amount of toys that our babies and toddlers seem to accumulate so quickly and I for one am starting to feel like we have more toys that Toys R Us

The result of this that they you can often find they play with nothing or something that isnt a toy.

We have found a way around this.  We believe that they become overstimulated with the choice; so as a result we bring out one activity for the morning and one for the afternoon.  That is not to say they cant play with anything else but it helps them focus and make the most of the toys that have been bought for them.

So for example in my play room, my daughter has a lot of toys around the outside of the room so i place one activity in to the middle of the room.

This changes from books, puzzles, pretend food, flash cards – and sometimes I lay down a splash mat and we put a bowl of bubbles in the centre for her to splash.   Messy but fun.

It is also fun to get some saucepans from the kitchen and a wooden spoon and let them make their own noises as they make them into instruments.

We find it a constructive way of making sure that all of the toys are played with and like at a nursery, there is almost a theme to the morning or afternoon.  It allows them to become used to some structure and stops them pulling out every toy in the room.

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