Dealing with your Toddlers Tantrums and Bad Behaviour

Coping with your toddlers tantrums Advice & Tips

They call it the terrible two’s but from our experience from the Sassy Bloom team – we know full well that this can happen a lot earlier than two…

There are a number of ways to cope with tantrums – we hope that you find our list helpful – even if you use a couple of the tips or all of them, use them how you feel best.

Ignoring the behaviour- Baby’s and toddlers love to be the centre of attention – it is often what they are used to and they can play up to it.  You may find they are doing something ( in one of our examples it is throwing food off of the high chair tray) and you can say no until you are blue in the face, they will smile or laugh at your and carry on doing it.  It is for your attention – so you can try ignoring them and see if they give up.  If they are doing the one thing you are telling them not to , or if they have thrown themselves on the floor in a tantrum – turn your back on them and pretend you cant hear them.  They will more than likely stop and get up realising you are not paying them the attention.

Naughty step/ time out – this is a tactic that entails removing your toddler from the situation and placing them on a step or in an area for a certain amount of time.  Younger children should only have a shorter amount of time, and this can lengthen as your child gets older,

Distraction – If your child is doing something naughty or not listening take them away from what they are doing.  They will test you and test you and sometimes just taking them away or giving them something else to do can be enough for them to stop.  This will be something that you need to do often and keep up – consistency is the key.

Rewards – (star chart/ jar of marbles) These are for slightly older children.  Reward them for good behaviour and remove that reward if your child behaves badly.  This is more effective when children understand what they are gaining and losing.  You can either create a chart with stars – or a jar with a few marbles in to start with and add or remove according to their behaviour.

Acknowledge outstanding behaviour – some children will play up to get a reaction even when it is negative,  Counteract this by praising them for good behaviour.  This will show them that they don’t need to act up or behave badly to get your attention.


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