Making bathtime more fun

Bath time fun for both baby and parents Advice & Tips

Bath time very quickly becomes part of the their bedtime routine.

Most children quite enjoy their bath time before bed but it can become a bit of a chore for parents – so sassy Bloom have come up with some tips to make bathtime more enjoyable for children and parents.

Rotate the toys – We often find our bathroom is over run with the baby’s bath toys – instead of throwing all of the toys in every night – try rotating them more and allowing them to have less at one time as they will be more interested in them as they are not having the same toy(s) every night.

Reading – try and get involved in bath time.  Read them a story or just talk to them about their day.  Even if they are not able to talk yet it is all about communication and they can certainly listen :)

Bathing together – why not have a bath with your baby / toddler once a week – its great bonding time and your child will love and look forward to this day.  You can splash together, play with their toys and buy some bath books to read with them.

Bubbles – a bathtime bubble machine is something that all children will love.  Some are musical which adds another aspect to it too.

Music – Play lullabies on your phone or a portable music player (away from the bath) to get your baby/ toddler relaxed for bedtime.

Projector – this is a favourite of ours.  We put out all of the lights in the bathroom and play a musical projector.  Its really calming and a favourite with our daughter.

Baby Massage – try some relaxing baby massage after bath time.  This can become your special bonding time and can be as relaxing for the person giving the massage as the baby receiving it.

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