Sassy Bloom Weekend Activity – things to do with your baby / little one

Each week Sassy Bloom comes up with a fun activity to do with your little one.  It may be something you do regularly, it may not be something you have done before. So give it a try. Baby Activities

This weeks activity is taking your children to their local park.

Its so essential for your children to get enough fresh air.   Most people think if there child has a cold, they will keep them in the warmth of the house.  This is often the worst thing to do as the heat can breed more bacteria keeping them ill for longer.

As long as it is dry (ish) then wrap them up warm and walk them around to your local park.  The fresh air will probably do them the world of good.

There are plenty of options when it comes to parks.

- Go to one that has a nice trail and go on a nice walk (take your wellies) but you can point out all of the trees and plants to your child.  If you also have a dog then its a great excuse for a family walk.

-If your local park has a playground – put your little one on the baby swing.  If they are walking then let them have a run around the other play activities in the playground.  You will be amazed by how exhausted they will be after running around in the fresh air – try and do it before their afternoon nap :)

- If there is a river at your local park then take your kids to feed the ducks.  Let them hold the bread and throw it in.  They will absolutely love the way the ducks all huddle around for the food and they will begging you every weekend to take them to feed the ducks.

- If you have a little cafe at your park – then take your little one out for lunch.  the park cafes are usually cheap and cheerful and saves you having to cook.

- Some parks have small petting farms which is great for the kids – it allows them to interact with the animals and you can also teach them some facts about each of the ones that they see.

Have fun,

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