Sassy Bloom Saturday Activity

Finger Painting with kids Baby Activities

Each week Sassy Bloom think of something for you to do with your baby/ toddler.

A fun activity that you can do together,

This weeks activity is finger painting.

You can buy organic paints now and even edible paint in case your little one eats it.

Give the kids some paper and let them tip in their fingers (and toes) Kids generally love messy play and its something different and fun ( you may want to lay down a splash mat to minimise mess)

Why not buy a large piece of paper and card and all get involved.  You can position it so that you have mummy and daddy’s fingerprints with the kids underneath.  Even get the dog involved and do their paw (if he/she doesnt mind of course).  If it looks really good you could frame it as a piece for the lounge or kids bedroom.

Sassy Bloom tries to think of one fun thing for you and your family to do every Saturday

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