Top 7 Educational Toys for Babies

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We know that parents love to feel like they are educating their baby and teaching them new things in preparation for later in their life.

Here at Sassy Bloom we believe that exposing your baby to a number of things during their earlier stages helps them to build up a recognition with them later on and allows them to begin understanding some of these toys and their importance they will bring to them in later life.

Newborn – colours – When baby’s are first born they are only able to see black and white.  This quickly changes so they can appreciate colour but they are particularly stimulated by black and white in the early days – so find toys such as Lamaze double sided books which have colour and black and white.

Mirrors – Baby’s love toys with mirrors – before they begin to recognise it is their reflection they will love looking at themselves in the mirror – this goes on into the much later stages as well.  You will notice that your toddler still loves to look at themselves in the mirror.

Rattles- Sounds will start to stimulate your baby’s hearing.  We love the O ball which is suitable from birth and the baby Einstein bendy ball for 3m+ – the colours and the rattles allow your baby’s little hands to start shaking and learning that they can begin to hold it themselves.  The next stage is them working out the sound that comes from it and then they will love rattling it as well.

Links – As your baby starts to become older – these are great to attach to your baby’s pushchair or play mat.  They like the sound that the links make and even use them as a teether.  As they become older they can begin to add and remove the links themselves when you show them.

Music – Music is a wonderful way to stimulate your baby.  You can play them an array on different musics and you will learn which ones they appreciate.  We are fans of the Baby Einstein classical CDs and these are perfect for car journeys.  You can also get sounds of the sea or sounds of the womb (white noise) to play if you baby has problems self soothing.

Books – Start reading to your baby from an early age.  It is a great way to begin a bedtime routine and something they will learn to love very quickly.  You will notice your smaller baby listening to your words and as your baby begins to walk you will find them toddling off to hand you a book to read.  its a great bonding technique and educational for your baby to become familiar with books.

Flash Cards – Although your baby may be a little young it is a great way to get your little one familiar with numbers, animals, foods and other first words which when they do come to speak you will find they memorize.  It is also great recognition for them to put a picture to the word(s) you are talking to them about.

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