Sassy Bloom Weekend Activity – things to do with your little one

Baking Baby Activities

The sun is shining – but it’s quite muddy and cold out there – we think it would be nice to stay in, stay warm and do something fun.

So this weekends activity with your children is cooking/baking.

Get them an apron a hat and look up some fun online recipes to make.

You could start by making breakfast all together – what about some yummy pancakes with fruit, you could try our recipe for banana and blueberry pancakes for a nice Saturday breakfast or brunch.

You could make some home made pizzas for lunch – try giving your kids the ingredients to make a smiley face on their pizza made out of vegetables.

And then the afternoon you could make fairy cakes or if the children are a little older you can make simple chocolate rice crispy cakes.

You can also make the washing up fun as well – teaching them to clean up after making a mess.

If you don’t have a step stool for them to reach the sink – lay a large splash mat on the floor with a big bowl of washing up liquid and let them wash up the utensils you have used to make the recipes.

Its something that all of the family can get involved in….even if their participation is just eating it and its great to get them all involved giving them different tasks – they will be very proud of themselves after.


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