Sassy Bloom Weekend Activity

Sassy Bloom weekend activity Baby Activities

Welcome to another week of activities for your baby and toddler on these cold and windy weekends, provided by Sassy Bloom.

Because of the nasty storms at the moment – we are suggesting an inside activity for this weekend.

Making rattles

This is great for babies and younger children.  The adult will do the making but the child will get lots of enjoyment out of it.

Take some empty water, or coke bottles – clean them out well.

Fill each of them with a different material.  The idea is to create different sensory colours, textures and sounds for your baby. Here are some ideas of what you can place inside them; raw rice grains, buttons, sugar balls (that you use to decorate a cake), beads, multi coloured feathers, or try water with food colouring and some glitter.

They will love all of the different ones and are a great toy for them that will last.  Your friends will also be super impressed with what you made when they come over to play.

PLEASE MAKE SURE: that all of the bottles are tightly sealed and always supervise your child when they are playing and dont let them put the bottles in their mouths.

Making Craft Animals

For toddlers, why not draw some animals for them on a piece of card (just the outline) and get some materials for them to decorate them.

Try drawing a sheep and let your child glue on cotton wool to the body

Or how about a chicken and getting some feathers for your child to stick on.

Try a horse they can decorate the main with some shoe laces, or thin string/rope.

If you don’t have the materials at home, just let them colour in the animals you are drawing. Its a great way to get all of the family involved.

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