Sassy Bloom Weekend Activity – things to do with your baby / little one

experiment with bubbles Baby Activities

This weeks activity to play with your kids and toddler is wet play experimenting with bubbles.

Its something fun to play at home.

Set out a splash mat or some towels and best to do it in a kitchen or somewhere with no carpet.

You could even wrap them up warm and do this in your garden.

Fill a big tub or bowl with warm water and make lots of bubbles by using a liquid hand soap (will give you better bubbles than washing up liquid)

make it fun by adding things into the water – plastic cups for them to pour the water into, wooden spoon for them to stir in the mixture and you could even add some glitter to give the bubbles a sparkle.

Let them splash around and feel the texture and feel of the bubbles on their hands – if you have a bubble machine or pot of bubbles blow these at the same time for double excitement.

If you have a muffin or cupcake cooking tray show them how to scoop bubbles into each section to make bubble cupcakes or into cups to make frothy tea :)

A great activity by Sassy Bloom for you to play with your children.

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