Use of Cookies

In addition to the information which you supply to us, information and data may be automatically collected through the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files, with ID tags that are stored on your device (computer/mobile/tablet) when visiting certain websites. Cookies keep track of your movements on the site to track what’s in your shopping basket and provide functions to improve your shopping experience. To order products on the website you need cookies enabled. Internet cookies are common and won’t cause any harm to your device. No personally identifiable information is stored within cookies; therefore we recommend you leave these switched on. You can configure your Internet browser to accept or reject certain cookies or inform you when a cookie is saved. We do not cross the information recorded in the cookies with the personal information collected at the time of your registration on the Site or with your online activity. Web Beacons, also called Pixel Tags or Clear Gifs are used in combination with cookies to understand the behavior of customer. A web beacon is typically a transparent graphic image (1 x 1 pixel) placed on a site or in an email. Although Web beacons provide similar functions to cookies, Web Beacons are not placed on your computer. If you turn off cookies, web beacons will simply detect an anonymous website visit.  

What types of activity do we use cookies for?

Shopping Basket (Strictly Necessary Cookies) Some cookies are essential during online transactions, e.g. to remember what products you have put in your shopping basket as you navigate to different pages on the website. These cookies are “strictly necessary” for the operation of the website. Improve user experience on the website (functionality cookies) Cookies are used to remember your preferences on the site, such as currency preferences. These cookies are not shared with other websites. Profiling (targeting and advertising) We use cookies to enable us to serve more targeted advertising to our customers on the website and on other partner websites. By knowing a user’s browsing habits, including sites visited, we can show advertisements that are more targeted to the interests of our customers. Video content Flash cookies (or Local Shared Objects) are used to display video content using Adobe Flash Player.  

First and Third Party Cookies

Cookies can either be first party, which are associated with the host domain e.g., or third party cookies from any other domain including web analytics and advertising services.  

Accepting and deleting cookies

To order products on you need to have your cookies enabled. If you decline cookies you may lose some of the beneficial website functions of cookies. No personally identifiable information is stored within cookies. Therefore, we recommend you leave these turned on. To check if cookies are enabled on your device, please follow the steps below. Alternatively, view your browser’s help pages or information on how to manage cookies at   Microsoft Internet Explorer:
  • Click on Tools and then Internet Options
  • Select Privacy tab to view your settings
  • Move the slider to your preferred settings
  • Click on Firefox button and then select Options
  • Select Privacy option
  • Check ‘Accept Cookies from sites’ to enable cookies or uncheck to disable cookies.
Google Chrome
  • Click Settings
  • Click ‘Show advanced settings…’
  • Select ‘Content Settings’ within Privacy
  • Select your own preferred settings
Safari for Mac
  • Click on Safari, then select Preferences
  • Click Privacy to view Cookie preferences
Note: Safari blocks third-party cookies by default  

Flash Cookies

Flash cookies are managed differently to normal cookies. To disable or delete a Flash cookie, see Adobe Flash Play security and privacy.  

Mobile / Tablet Device

iOS: Safari

Android 4.0/ICS

  • From the Home screen choose Settings > Safari
  • Under Privacy Select ‘Accept Cookies’ to view if cookies are enabled
  • Open Browser > Menu > Setting > Privacy and Security
  Cookies we use on our website and the purposes they serve:
Provider Cookie Expiry Purpose
Sassy Bloom __qca__ckAgreeXanda These are persistent cookies that last for up to 5 years. These first party cookies are set by Sassy Bloom’s website to track anonymous information on how visitors use our site and confirm they have read the cookie notification.
autoOpen This cookie only lasts the duration of your session This cookie checks to see whether the dialog box has been clicked on the home page.
visited_getsassyvisited_giftsassy These cookies only last the duration of your session These cookie checks to see whether the dialog box has been clicked on the Get and Gift Sassy.
Quantserve mc, d Most of the cookies expire a maximum of 12 months after your last visit to a page. These third party cookies are set by Sassy Bloom’s website to track anonymous information on how visitors use our site.
Share This __uset__stid__utma__utmb __utmz __uset __unam Most of the cookies expire a maximum of 12 months These third party cookies are used to track which pages are being shared and by whom.