What is Sassy Bloom?
Sassy Bloom is the world’s #1 discovery club from Pregnancy to 3 years of age. Sassy Bloom is a fantastic monthly baby box helping tens of thousands of families to DISCOVER the latest and greatest baby products, handpicked, sourced from around the world by our team of experts and tried and tested. Each box is catered to your baby’s age and stage of development, and delivered straight to your door. You will receive 4-8 baby products a month (and sometimes a bonus product for mummy or daddy). Monthly boxes are from the third trimester of pregnancy up to babies who are 36 months. Each box is run through our technology and specifically tailored for you and your baby. Each box has a minimum retail value of £30, with some as high as £85, so it’s fun, unique and exciting experience that also SAVES YOU TIME & MONEY. If you would to gift Sassy Bloom boxes click here. If you would like to buy a Sassy Bloom box for your baby click here.

Becoming a Sassy Bloom Member

How do I become a Sassy Bloomer?
Simply choose whether you are purchasing Sassy Bloom as a gift or you are purchasing Sassy Bloom for your baby, fill out the a few simple questions so that we can personalise your box. We know that parents are very busy so we have made the whole process as quick and easy as possible.
I’ve just ordered; When can I expect my box to arrive?
Congrats! We’re delighted to have you aboard! :) If you selected ‘Speedy Delivery’ upon checkout before 1pm, you can expect to receive your box (or the recipient receive their box if you selected ‘Gift Sassy’) Monday to Saturday within 48 hours. If you selected free standard delivery then you can expect usually expect your box to be dispatched within 10 working days. You will receive a confirmation email telling you that your box has been ordered. Once your Sassy Bloom box has been dispatched, you will receive a dispatch email with a tracking number so that you know exactly when to expect your box. Any subsequent boxes will be dispatched from the 3rd week of each month for pre-paid subscriptions, they will arrive before the 30th of each month. ‘Speedy Delivery’ applies to UK Mainland first boxes only. If you need a box quicker, just contact us, we’ll do our best to help you..
Can I order more than one box?
You can order as many boxes as you wish but only one per child per month. Many Sassy Bloomers purchase for themselves and gifts for their friends. All you need to do is fill in each baby’s information so that we can tailor that box to their age and stage of development. You can add as many children as you wish and manage these within your account. Due to each child having their own profile and subscription length – for each new child, you will be required to complete a new transaction. Please do not order more than one subscription per child.
Can I choose what is in the box?
We make sure that each box is catered to baby’s age and stage of development. We know from tens of thousands of delighted Sassy Bloomers that the surprise is part of the fun! :) If you’re half as happy as our Sassy Bloomers you’ll be delighted :)
Do you feature bottles or dummies?
We understand that some parents use dummies and others don’t. Some breastfeed, others use a bottle whilst some parents may decide a combination of both. For this reason, we tend not to feature these products heavily within our boxes. On rare occasions you may receive one of these items but don’t let that put you off, every box has a minimum £40 value and FREE UK delivery so you’ll be sure to find great value and discover some real treats inside.
My friend has a baby the same age – will we receive the same items?
Not necessarily. Each box is tailored according to the information that we have been provided with in order to tailor each box to your requirements. Sassy Bloom also reserve the right to provide an alternative item(s) depending on stock availability at the time of order.
My baby was born premature or overcooked?
You’re not alone! :) so was Sassy Bloom’s founder Hollie and lots of Sassy Bloomers. To ensure that you’re goodies are still handpicked for your little one’s stage of development, simply amend the dob accordingly. For example if you’re little one’s due date is March 1st 2017 but they were 3 months premature then enter the DOB as December 1st 2016.
I’ve got twins or triplets!
Lots of Sassy Bloomers have twins or triplets and some choose to have two or three plans running (one for each child), please note you will need to purchase these separately. Others have one box to share each month.
Can I order one box?
Sure you can, for someone else head to Gift Sassy Now, for yourself you can order a one off trial box and remember you”ll save more money with a Get Sassy plan.
If I order now will I get a box this month?
For sure, if you order before the 25th of the month otherwise it will be early next month :)
Will I receive everything pink or blue?
We don’t want baby’s to be stereotyped and therefore feature products of all colours.
I don’t know the gender or name of the baby, can I still order?
Absolutely, we’ve got you covered, just choose ‘don’t know yet’ for gender and tbc for baby’s name when completing baby’s information.
Will I received any personalised baby gifts?
You sure will, Stick with Sassy Bloom any you’ll be blown away with your goodies, some of which will be personalised especially for your baby!

Love my Sassy Bloom and I want to upgrade for an even better deal

Great! We’re thrilled like tens of thousands of others you’re loving your Sassy Bloom box(s) and want to upgrade to take advantage of even better savings.
You can do this easily within your account. Please ensure you don’t purchase again for the same child whilst you have an active plan as this can lead to duplicate boxes. Any questions just email us at customercare@sassybloom.com and we’ll take care of the rest for you!

Gift Sassy

Can I give Sassy Bloom boxes as a gift?
Sassy Bloom boxes are the perfect gift to give. A lot of our Sassy Bloomers have received boxes from work colleagues when going on maternity leave, as well as from family and friends including baby shower gifts. Gift Sassy Now.
Can I get the boxes delivered directly to the recipient?
You sure can. Or delivered to you. Whichever you prefer. You can also print or email E-gift certificates too.
Can I include a Gift Message?
You sure can, all Gift Sassy boxes include a FREE Gift Message beautifully presented on a special heart that’s tied to the satin ribbon.
Can I buy Gift Vouchers?
You sure can right here


How much is shipping?
UK Shipping is free for all members* for ‘Get Sassy’ and ‘Gift Sassy’ Boxes– that’s another reason why Sassy Bloom is such great value. For non members wishing to simply purchase items from Shop Sassy, these items will attract their own shipping. Subscribers wishing to purchase items from Shop Sassy can take advantage of the free shipping. *Free delivery applies to UK Mainland.
Is next day delivery available?
Yes. The cut off is 1pm for next day Mainland UK delivery, which can be selected at checkout.
Can I get subsequent boxes quicker?
Yes you can, email us at customercare@sassybloom.com and we can expedite your next box for £8.45. Payment will be requested from us via paypal.
When can I expect my box to arrive?
If you selected standard free UK Mainland delivery then you can expect usually expect your box to be dispatched within 10 working days, at busy times this may be increased slightly. Subsequent boxes will arrive before the last day of each month.
My Sassy Bloom box hasn’t arrived?
All boxes are tracked, if there’s an issue, don’t worry we’ll do our best to sort it for you please contact us customercare@sassybloom.com
Where does Sassy Bloom ship?
Sassy Bloom ship anywhere within the UK. Outside of the UK? Just checkout to see the price or email us the full address and requirements for a quick quote: customercare@sassybloom.com

Billing / Payment

When will I be billed for the boxes?
If you have chosen our basic monthly subscription you will be billed each month for your box on the last day of each month. You can of course cancel by giving 31 days notice once your first box has been received (see terms for full details). If you have purchased a 3 month subscription, the billing cycle will be every three months. If you have purchased a 6 month subscription, the billing cycle will be every six months. If you have purchased an annual subscription the billing cycle will be every twelve months. Please note all gift options are one off charges. Also see ‘What is your cancellation policy’.
How secure are my credit / debit details?
Sassy Bloom is PCI And DSS compliant and no card information is stored on our website. All payments are made through World Pay’s secure site. We are also verified by Visa and MasterCard.
My card is expiring and I don’t want to miss boxes! How do I update my card details or use a different card for payment?
This must be done via worldpay’s secure site within your worldpay shopper account. More information can be found here and email us at customercare@sassybloom.com once done.
Payment failed due to insufficient funds but I don’t want to miss out on my boxes..
Contact us to reattempt payment or simply upgrade your plan within your account.

My Account

Can I update my address or child’s name? You can update address details within your account. If you are now in a position to update information such as baby’s name and gender, please email us at customercare@sassybloom.com and we’ll take care of it for you.

Referrals & FREE BOXES

How does the Refer-a-Friend program work?
Whenever an eligible friend places a first order for a Sassy Bloom Subscription box on our website and enters your unique referral code at checkout, they’ll get £10.00 off. This is inclusive of a 3 month subscription, 6 month subscription, 12 month subscription and 24 month subscription. Please note that your unique referral code must be used by the referee at the time of purchase, we are unable to add Sassy Reward Points to your account, if your referee has not used your code at the time of checkout. Better yet, you will receive 10,000 Sassy Reward Points credited to your account each time a friend checks out as above. Please note that the referee must be with us for a minimum of 3 months for you to be rewarded with your Sassy Reward Points. Your friends can then also start earning their own Sassy Reward Points.
Do I have to make a purchase to earn Sassy Reward Points?
Not at all. Everyone can earn Sassy Reward Points as long as they have created a free account.
Is there a limit to the number of friends I can refer?
You can share your unique Refer-a-Friend code with as many friends as you’d like and we’ll keep giving crediting your account for eligible orders.
How do I share my Refer-a-Friend code?
You can share your unique Refer-a-Friend code with friends by emailing them or posting it on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Or, if you’d like, we can send emails on your behalf introducing your friends to our sites and the referral program. There are also personalised web banners, coupons and fliers featuring your unique referral code available to share. To find these tools, go to My Account, then Reward Points and Referrals, then Earn Sassy Rewards..
Where do my friends enter my Refer-a-Friend code?
Your friends should enter your referral code in the ‘Do you have a Referral Code?’ box at checkout when they’re placing their first subscription order.
How can I track my referrals?
You can see who has used your Refer-a-Friend code and also those to whom we have sent emails on your behalf who have not yet ordered. Go to My Account, then Reward Points and Referrals, then My Referrals.

Reward Points

How much are Sassy Reward Points worth?
10 Sassy Reward Points is the equivalent to £0.01p. One successful referral would earn you £10.00 36 Successful referrals would earn you FREE Sassy Bloom boxes for a whole year!
How can I earn Sassy Reward Points?
1. Complete tasks and progress to the next level. Head over to My Reward Points within the ‘Reward Points and Referrals’ tab and you will see various tasks that you can complete to earn Sassy Reward Points. Tasks can be as simple and quick as liking the Sassy Bloom facebook page or sending feedback after each Sassy Bloom Box that you receive. The more involved the task, the more points you will be rewarded with. 3. Tell all your friends that they can save £10.00 on their first subscription order! Spread the word through emails and by posting on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. Ask friends to enter your unique Refer-a-Friend code when they’re checking out on their first subscription box. We’ve made it super easy for you so you can:
  • Click the email button to have us email your friends on your behalf.
  • Click the Twitter or Facebook buttons to ‘Post’ or ‘Tweet’ your unique Refer-a-Friend code.
  • Print coupons and flyers with your unique Refer-a-Friend code easily by clicking ‘Printed Materials’.
  • Grab a Web Banner with your unique code for your Website or Blog by clicking ‘Web Banners’.
  • Share a Personalised link with your unique code in forums, blogs, websites etc.
Do you have any tips for earning Sassy Reward Points?
Yes we do, checkout our top tips for earning Sassy Reward Points. Also see below.
There are many combinations to earn Sassy Reward Points – but the quickest way is through successful referrals. All you have to do is accumulate 30,000 Sassy Reward Points – that’s just 3 successful referrals!
How do I redeem my FREE SASSY BOX?
Once you have earned enough Sassy Reward Points – email our customer care team customercare@sassybloom.com. You will be eligible to exchange your accumulated Sassy Reward Points for FREE boxes once your points have been validated. You may redeem the equivalent of one box per month. For points to be validated your referees must have a valid subscription for a minimum period of 60 days. See terms of service for further details.  How do I progress to the next level? Head over to My Reward Points within the ‘Reward Points and Referrals’ tab and you will be able to monitor your progress every step of the way. You can find out here what level you are on, how many Sassy Reward Points you have, what % you need to complete the level, how many more Sassy Reward Points you need to EARN A FREE SASSY BOX.
How can I earn Sassy Reward Points for leaving a video review?
Once your Sassy Box has arrived, you can earn a massive 5,000 Sassy Reward Points for leaving a great ‘unboxing’ video review of you / your little ones opening your Sassy Bloom box. You can earn points for a great video review for every single Sassy Box that you receive. To upload / record your Sassy Bloom box video review – when your baby box arrives – simply log into your Sassy Bloom account and click on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.  You will then see two smaller tabs (Profile and Subscriptions) – click into ‘subscriptions’. You will then see a blue button called ‘Upload Media’ [Please note you can also earn Sassy Reward Points for providing feedback on each box also]. Login or create a youtube account. If you already have filmed your video review Give it a title such as “your name – Sassy Bloom-Baby Box Video Review” Give it a description such as the one below or put this into your own words:
Sassy Bloom is the latest baby concept to hit the UK & mums are absolutely loving it!! Receive a beautiful gift box for your baby each month full of the very best handpicked, tried and tested baby products available today – tailored to your babys gender, age and stage of development. There are even some personalised baby gifts too. Available from 3rd trimester in pregnancy up to 24 months. Celebs talking about Sassy Bloom include PETER ANDRE, KERRY KATONA, EDITH BOWMAN, JEAN CHRISTOPHE-NOVELLI – scroll down to see more.. We’ve been featured in: The Daily Mail, The Telegraph Business Section, Sunday Mirror, Heart Radio, Hello Magazine & many more.. Choose a category such as: People & Blogs
Click the upload tab to upload your Video Review. To record your Video Review from here: Click ‘Webcam’ If your Video Review is already on youtube Simply email us at customercare@sassybloom.com – we need the video title and the video ID. Please note that your email must come from the same email address as your Sassy Bloom account is registered. The video ID can be found in the address bar and is the number after http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= and will look like this PDyocVHsPo Please note that points will only be awarded if your video is approved by Sassy Bloom – so make it good and make it fun. Please note that we are unable to approve videos that contain external links (such as blogs) or unique referral codes. Final approval is ecided by Sassy Bloom, who reserve the right to approve or decline video reviews / unboxing videos. Feedback may or may not be given as to the reason why a video has not been approved upon request.
How can I spend my Sassy Reward Points?
When you get to 30,000 Sassy Reward Points or more just email us to exchange your Sassy Reward Points for FREE Sassy Bloom box(es). You also have the option of helping us to reach our £100,000 target and donate to one or more charities


What happens if I choose to donate my Sassy Reward Points to charity?
You will have the option of deciding if you wish to donate points to one charity or multiple charities. Sassy Bloom has a target to raise £100,000 for charities and your donations are much appreciated and will go to very worthwhile causes.
Are there other ways that I can help Sassy Bloom raise £100,000 for charity?
Yes. You can help us spread awareness about Sassy Bloom, the more people that visit our site, the quicker we will be able to reach our target. You can also round up your purchase for charity or donate an amount of your choice. Should you wish to donate without purchase, you can also do this.
Can I claim a tax deduction for these donations?
No. Since we are making the donations directly, you may not claim a tax deduction for them. However, If you pay UK income tax (this includes tax on your savings, pension or capital gains tax), and this is more than the amount any other charity will claim in the tax year (6th April – 5th April) then you can gift aid your donations. (Council tax and VAT don’t count). Please note that collective donations made via an individual cannot be gift aided. If applicable, tick the Gift Aid box when making the charity donation and we will claim the money from the government. We also need you to keep us updated if you move house, change your name or are no longer paying enough tax to cover your donations. You can also cancel your declaration at any time. And if you are a higher rate tax payer you can claim personal tax relief via your self-assessment tax return.


What is your cancellation policy?
We’re here to help you and want to make things as easy as possible for you.Please note that one off boxes are available and there’s no cancellation period at all for these. If you choose Get Sassy Monthly and wish to cancel, you may cancel your subscription at any time within your account by giving thirty one (31) days notice once your first Sassy Bloom box has been received (Prepaid subscription boxes may not be cancelled before their term completes). You understand and agree that once you have cancelled you will receive and be charged for one further Box if it is due to be dispatched during the thirty one (31) days notice period. Prepaid subscriptions may be cancelled within 14 days of ordering by emailing customercare@sassybloom.com using as the email subject ‘Cancel Prepaid Subscription’. For security reasons you must include your order number, full name and postcode. If your Sassy Bloom box has been dispatched or is in the process of being dispatched you will be required to return the item in return for a refund less the cost for returning the Sassy Bloom box. If you wish to cancel a prepaid subscription within 14 days but not return your Sassy Bloom box you will be liable for the full cost of a classic monthly subscription (£29.95) plus a £10 early cancellation fee. Prepaid subscriptions cannot be cancelled after 14 days. Also see Competitions, Promotions and Free Gifts. For all subscriptions (Excluding Get Sassy Monthly), you may cancel the auto renewal at any time before the auto renewal date by emailing customercare@sassybloom.com using as the email subject ‘Cancel Auto Reneweal’. For security reasons you must include your order number, full name and postcode. Please note that we are unable to refund any payments including auto renewal payments that have already been taken.
What is your returns policy?
If you are unhappy for any reason, please contact our team in the first instance at customercare@sassybloom.com. Sassy Bloom complies fully with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. If you wish to return your box to us you will have fourteen working days to decide to do so. Note: This does not apply to perishable and other items that deteriorate rapidly such as food. Nor does it apply to any tailor-made or personalised goods. Please note that due to the personalised nature of Sassy Bloom boxes, we are unable to accept returns after 14 days of receiving your order. In the event of an item being faulty, we will request that you return it to us at your cost for inspection.In this instance, you must return the goods to us securely packaged, in a good condition consistent with your statutory duty to take care of them, at your own cost, by recorded delivery or by any other appropriate method so as to reasonably ensure that we receive them, as soon as possible. If the item is found to be faulty, we will be delighted to provide you with a replacement item and reimburse you for the postage cost for recorded delivery, upon viewing your receipt. This will be confirmed to you in writing to you. We have a community of over 100,000 families who love Sassy Bloom and our service.
I manufacturer a baby product which I think would be great in a Sassy Box
That’s great to hear as we are always looking for new and exciting baby products. Please check out our ‘work with us’ page contact us on partners@sassybloom.com with information about your product.
Do I have to subscribe or can I just buy a box?
If you would like to try Sassy Bloom, you can purchase a one off box by going to ‘Gift Sassy’